13 thoughts on “Gunpowder Plot Letters

  1. Wow! well done everybody,very detailed, impressive letters. You all did fantastic and took your time to make these the best. I don’t get to read 6D’s work but I really enjoyed reading them! To improve, you could add different sentence starters.

  2. I really loved those excellent pieces,l am very pleased 😌 and proud 😊 of Nawaf. I enjoyed reading πŸ“– his writing and I have to say,all the suspense and old-fashioned language made it quite intesting to read.Love the effort.βœŒπŸ‘

  3. Wow Effie impressive piece of work there I love your suspense in your letter to Lord Monteagle.

  4. Well done guys I really liked your letters all of you did excellent I also liked how you all used old fashioned language , great work.

  5. Excellent. I really enjoyed learning more about the Gunpowder Plot. You have all included a semi-colon to separate clauses and thought carefully about language choices to give the letter a formal tone. They look great!
    I think that we could improve them by trying to include a wider range of punctuation – ( ) : ; and some more old-fashioned language. Well done everyone!

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