Newspaper Reports

Posted in Year 6 Writing

For the last three weeks we have been focusing on newspaper reports. First, we studied a good example (an England v Wales match report from Euro 2016). We discussed what made it a good piece of writing and picked out the key features to make our own Newspaper Report Toolkit.

Using the structure of the example text, we created our own reports on an imaginary game or competition; we had reports about basketball matches, cycling competitions and even the X-Factor! In order to be successful, the report needed to include all of the key features in the toolkit and be informative and entertaining for the reader.

Finally, we used the skills we had practised to write a report about a pok ta pok match from the film ‘Road to Eldorado’. Pok ta pok was a ballgame played by the ancient Maya people – a little bit like basketball! You can watch the match by following this link: