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In December we have been looking at biographies. We began by studying a model text biography of Walter Tull, a British footballer and soldier who fought and was killed in World War 1. We identified the key features of a biography and wrote our own biography of Helen Keller. Children then chose a subject for their own independent biography, researching and gathering information, then applying everything that we had learnt in their final ‘hot task’ writing.

Walter Tull

Flashback Stories

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Over the last few weeks we have been learning about flashback stories. In a flashback story, the narrator begins in the present tense then looks back on their past memories, describing them in great detail,  finally returning to the present tense to reflect on their experiences. Our model text was a flashback to an experience of the WW1 trenches. We identified the key features and wrote our own flashback stories about life as an evacuee during The Blitz.

Finally, children planned their own flashback stories and attempted to include all of the key features that we had discussed. It was important to include good descriptive and emotive language to interest the reader and explain the emotion of the memory.

Formal Letters

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This week, in the run-up to Bonfire Night, we have been learning about The Gunpowder Plot. In Guided Reading, we read about Guy Fawkes and his co-conspirators, considered the motive behind their actions and discussed whether the gruesome punishment they received was justified.

The plot to kill King James I was uncovered after an anonymous letter was received by Lord Monteagle, who then warned the King. We thought about the person who wrote that letter. Who were they? How did they know about the plot? Why did they want to alert Lord Monteagle and the King? We put ourselves in their shoes and wrote our own letters warning King James or Lord Monteagle of the impending disaster. To be successful, the letters had to include formal language and answer all of the questions in the spider diagram. We hope that you enjoy them!


Newspaper Reports

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For the last three weeks we have been focusing on newspaper reports. First, we studied a good example (an England v Wales match report from Euro 2016). We discussed what made it a good piece of writing and picked out the key features to make our own Newspaper Report Toolkit.

Using the structure of the example text, we created our own reports on an imaginary game or competition; we had reports about basketball matches, cycling competitions and even the X-Factor! In order to be successful, the report needed to include all of the key features in the toolkit and be informative and entertaining for the reader.

Finally, we used the skills we had practised to write a report about a pok ta pok match from the film ‘Road to Eldorado’. Pok ta pok was a ballgame played by the ancient Maya people – a little bit like basketball! You can watch the match by following this link: